Parallels Desktop 17.1 adds full support for macOS Monterey and Windows 11 - 9to5Mac
Oct 15, 2021 49 secs

Popular virtualization software Parallels was updated to version 17 earlier this year with several enhancements such as improved performance, virtual TPM chip, drag and drop between macOS and Windows, and more.

Now the company has released Parallels Desktop 17.1, which adds full support for macOS Monterey and Windows 11.

As shared by Parallels in a blog post, the update ensures that users can run Parallels Desktop on macOS Monterey with full support.

Parallels Tools has also been updated to support the latest version of macOS, which will make Monterey run more smoothly on virtual machines.

For those who need Windows virtual machines, Parallels Desktop 17.1 also improves Windows support.

“Knowing that Parallels Desktop plays a critical role in enabling users to run the latest versions of Windows on their favorite Mac device today, we’ve developed a simple solution to help all users upgrade to Windows 11 with the enablement of vTPMs by default on all Mac devices,” said Elena Koryakina, Vice President of Engineering at Parallels.

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