Pediatricians Weigh In On What's Safe And Not Safe For Unvaccinated Children - NPR
Apr 29, 2021 1 min, 11 secs
A child wearing a mask sits on his father's shoulder on May 24, 2020, in New York City.

Jose Romero suggests that taking toddlers into the public is a risk.

Jose Romero suggests that taking toddlers into the public is a risk.

How do you navigate life when parents are vaccinated and kids aren't.

Amy Blackman of Fayetteville, Ark.: Is it safe for my fully vaccinated husband and I to go out with other fully vaccinated adults but then come home to our unvaccinated children?

Romero: I think that couples that are both vaccinated and spend time together can return to the child feeling safe about not bringing home a virus because the risk of those individuals being infected, even asymptomatic, without any signs or symptoms, is extremely low.

And so if you're trying to organize a play date with multiple households, my strong recommendation is that it would be outside with kids wearing a mask and vaccinated adults?

Heard-Garris: In my opinion, if your kid is not vaccinated, they should be wearing a mask to play with other children, whether they have type one diabetes or not, and I don't know that you should feel guilty about saying no when kids come to your door and they're unmasked.

And so I am recommending that they do as much as they can to keep their child safe wearing a surgical mask and on top of that, even wearing a cloth mask

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