People With Allergies Appear Less Likely To Develop COVID-19, Study Suggests - IFLScience
Dec 01, 2021 48 secs

When hayfever season comes and your eyes water and nose runs, you can feel a small compensation for the suffering: There is a negative correlation between susceptibility to a range of allergies and the chance of catching COVID-19, at least in the UK population, according to one study.

However, those who experience atopic diseases (triggered by allergens) such as eczema and hayfever were 23 percent less likely to test positive for COVID-19 during the period, after controlling for other factors.

People who had both an atopic disease and asthma had a 38 percent lower risk than the rest of society.

However, a clue may lie in the fact that people taking immunosuppressants actually had a 53 percent lower chance of catching COVID-19 than the national average.

This seems even more counter-intuitive until you consider that people who not only have weakened immune systems, but know this to be the case, were probably a lot more careful to not get infected through the study period.

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