Post-MLB trade deadline farm system rankings for all 30 teams - ESPN
Aug 08, 2022 4 mins, 17 secs
Between the recent MLB draft, trade deadline and players graduating to the majors, there has been so much movement since I wrote our preseason prospect lists that it's time to update my farm system rankings again.

Preseason Value: $344 million (1st).

The O's seem to be treading water on the farm from those two numbers, but they've made solid progress because they lost $120 million of value to graduations, with the vast majority from the top prospect in baseball, Adley Rutschman.

Most of the rest of the gap between those two numbers is made up by the draft class ($54 million), headlined by SS Jackson Holliday.

Preseason Value - $259 million (9th).

Preseason Value - $314 million (2nd).

Preseason Value - $313 million (3rd)?

Preseason Value - $196 million (18th).

With a solid draft class (C Kevin Parada, SS Jett Williams, RHP Blade Tidwell, 2B Nick Morabito), no notable graduations, no big trades that sent prospects out (call it the Pete Crow-Armstrong cooling effect), and Alvarez moving from ninth to first (appreciating $57 million in the process) in the Top 100, that makes a solid recipe for an appreciating farm system.

Preseason Value - $260 million (8th).

With limited draft capital this year, they did well to grab C Dalton Rushing with their top pick and add some solid depth pieces.

Preseason Value - $277 million (5th).

Preseason Value - $270 million (7th).

The system has seen some appreciation from SS Anthony Volpe and C Austin Wells up top, while lower down has seen gains from RHP Will Warren and RHP Sean Hermann from last year's draft class and RHP Luis Serna from the international group.

There was another solid draft class headlined by RF Spencer Jones and RHP Drew Thorpe, but there are probably a couple of nice later-round finds in this class, too.

Preseason Value - $167 million (20th).

Preseason Value - $162 million (22nd).

Preseason Value - $250 million (10th).

The deadline this year was mostly quiet, but they did manage to add rising LHP Antoine Kelly while graduating only RHP Glenn Otto thus far -- though a number of players are close to graduating.

Preseason Value - $289 million (4th).

Preseason Value - $210 million (16th).

The draft class was solid, led by prep position players SS Mikey Romero, RF Roman Anthony, C Brooks Brannon and SS Cutter Coffey.

Preseason Value - $240 million (11th).

Preseason Value - $218 million (14th).

Preseason Value - $152 million (23rd).

They haven't graduated anyone notable and had a solid draft class (RF Jordan Beck, RF Sterlin Thompson, RHP Jackson Cox), even if top pick RHP Gabriel Hughes seemed like a bit of a reach.

Preseason Value - $125 million (28th).

Preseason Value - $183 million (19th).

Chicago had a confusing deadline, holding some players widely expected to be traded but adding RHP Hayden Wesneski and LHP Ben Brown in smaller deals.

Preseason Value - $164 million (21st).

Preseason Value - $129 million (25th).

Preseason Value - $225 million (12th)

1B Vinnie Pasquantino has been arrow-up this year while returns have been solid on the top players in last year's draft: LHP Frank Mozzicato and RHP Ben Kudrna

This year's draft class included two college bats up top (RF Gavin Cross and 3B Cayden Wallace) followed by solid college pitcher depth and an intriguing two-way prep talent in Austin Charles

Preseason Value - $130 million (24th)

This year's draft class went to a new demographic with CF Justin Crawford, backed by RF Gabriel Rincones and RHP Alex MacFarlane

Preseason Value - $221 million (13th)

Preseason Value - $271 million (6th)

Preseason Value - $128 million (26th)

They added some solid players in the draft (CF Drew Gilbert, CF Jacob Melton, RF Ryan Clifford) to offset some losses at the trade deadline (RHP Chayce McDermott, SS Enmanuel Valdez, RF Wilyer Abreu) to add Christian Vasquez and Trey Mancini for the stretch run

Preseason Value: $91 million (29th)

Preseason Value - $212 million (15th)

That gutted the top of the system, but a strong draft this year (RHP Dylan Lesko, LHP Robby Snelling, RHP Adam Mazur, RHP Henry Williams, C Lamar King), the remnants of a strong draft last year (SS Jackson Merrill and ... well just Merrill is left) and a solid international program (Samuel Zavala headlines that group) give some hope that they can generate real prospect value in the next year or so for either the next trade or to fill the next hole internally

Preseason Value: $63 million (30th)

Last year's first-round pick SS Colson Montgomery has taken a step forward, appreciating over $10 million in value, which had made up much of the difference this year after a quiet trade deadline

They added three solid arms in the draft (LHP Noah Schultz, RHP Peyton Pallette, RHP Jonathan Cannon) and there were some modest (i.e. one notch) gains from players like 3B Bryan Ramos and RHP Norge Vera with 3B Jake Burger the only notable graduation

Preseason Value - $128 million (27th)

There has also been some notable appreciation, with Vaughn Grissom adding $10 million to his value in a breakout year

With only Grissom in the Top 100 conversation, good-not-great farm depth and a big league team that's contending (aka subtracting through the year, adding only at the draft) that's a formula to be in the bottom five of farm rankings until multiple players make moves into the Top 100 conversation

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