Quentin Tarantino Sued for an Upcoming Auction of Pulp Fiction NFTs – Bitcoin News - Bitcoin News
Nov 20, 2021 59 secs

Quentin Tarantino, the acclaimed film director, is being sued by Miramax, a Hollywood film producer and distributing company, due to the auction of a series of NFTs related to “Pulp Fiction,” one of the director’s most popular films.

The conflict lies in the interpretation that Miramax makes from the initial contract between the parts, arguing that the sale of NFTs does not constitute a publication of any part of the script.

Miramax, the Hollywood movie company, sued Quentin Tarantino, the acclaimed film director, for the upcoming auction of a series of Pulp Fiction-themed NFT’s.

Tarantino announced it would auction a series of never before seen items of the film in the form of NFTs, including the famous “royale with cheese” handwritten screenplay scene.

Miramax affirms that while Tarantino has the rights to any print publication of the script, NFTs are not part of this.

The proposed sale of a few original script pages or scenes as an NFT is a one-time transaction, which does not constitute publication, and in any event does not fall within the intended meaning of ‘print publication’ or ‘screenplay publication.

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