'Reproachful' Jennifer Lopez tried to 'control' Ben Affleck at Grammys: expert - Page Six
Feb 07, 2023 52 secs
Jennifer Lopez appeared to get into a tense argument with her husband, Ben Affleck, at the 2023 Grammy Awards on Sunday, a body language expert tells Page Six exclusively.

“The normal A-list routine is for the guy to whisper what looks like sexy sweet nothings into his partner’s ear at red carpet events while the woman smiles or giggles to signal a passionate relationship,” Judi James explains.

“Jennifer’s response to Ben’s whisper looks much more firm and knee-jerk, though,” she notes of the on-camera moment.

“As she speaks, she seemed to tap in on the chest with the back of her hand, which looks like a reproachful checking gesture rather than a passionate one.”

“No glances with knowing grins or nods to Trevor Noah,” she tells us, referring to the Grammys host who sat next to the newlyweds in the audience at one point in the show.

However, sources tell Page Six that Affleck was in a great mood backstage, as evidenced by the video above of him chatting with Queen Latifah.

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