Jan 16, 2022 1 min, 31 secs
The Broadway star turned Golden Globe winner is an enthusiastic host but this week’s material is patchy at best.

“If that doesn’t sound like a job for Spider-Man, I don’t know what is!”.

The young breakout actor is proud to represent not only the Afro-Latino community, but the Broadway community.

Feeling like everyone “needs a little Broadway right now”, she sings a medley of songs from her film alongside West Side Story super-fan Kate McKinnon (who, like general audiences, stayed away from the movie while it was in theaters).

DeBose nails the classic tunes, but the whole thing is unfortunately hampered by McKinnon, who does nothing but sing slightly off key and wriggle her limbs.

Sacramento’s players and coaches all tested positive for Covid right as the game was about to start and had to be replaced by fans and custodial staff.

Following up on the recently released trailer their forthcoming series Bel-Air – a dramatic reimagining of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air — Peacock debuts a teaser for “the next 90s show about the black experience to be given a serious, high stakes remake”: Family Matters.

It’s almost impossible for SNL to properly parody Bel-Air, given how preposterous it already is, but they do a solid job here.

The only thing keeping a sketch like this from being outright plagiarism is the lack of authorship inherent to memes.

Then, Debose and McKinnon play married academic giving a “sold out free lecture” at Cornell University on the ancient Greek poet Sappho.

An utterly laugh-free sketch where the only aim seems to be finding out which cast member can do the worst accent (DeBose takes it by a mile).

It feels like were watching a bunch of smug high school theater kids poking fun at the poor, dumb hayseeds at their school

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