Jul 29, 2021 1 min, 1 sec
Scientists have finally seen the backside of a black hole and in doing so, they've proved that a 1915 theory posited by Albert Einstein was correct.

Einstein's 1915 Theory of General Relativity predicted that the gravitational pull of black holes is so large that black holes warp the fabric of space, according to The Telegraph.

Einstein's theory stated that because of how black holes warp the space fabric around them, it should be possible to see light waves ejected out of a black hole's backside as the twisted magnetic fields act as a mirror for the black hole.

The team used a special high-power X-ray telescope to look at and study a black hole 800 million light-years away at the center of a galaxy far, far away and what they discovered was that the light, in the form of X-rays, was being ejected out of the black hole's backside.

Black holes warp space fabric so much that their magnetic fields are able to mirror light waves shot out of a black hole's far side — without that mirror effect, scientists wouldn't be able to actually observe those far-side light waves, despite knowing them to be there.

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