Sen. Rand Paul: 'In all likelihood' COVID escaped from a Wuhan lab - Fox News
Jun 20, 2021 47 secs

I think if you look back at the last year and you look at the people who are discounting the theory that it originated in a lab, they are precisely the same scientists that it originated in a lab.

This may be the biggest scientific error that Dr.

He’s completely discounting natural immunity – the immunity you get after you’ve had an infection

All of the scientific studies, and I emphasize that ‘all,’ hundreds of studies now show that you do have immunity

Fauci says ‘Oh no, we don’t have enough people vaccinated, we’re not at herd immunity.’ Now we have to have mandates on the children, and we must force children of all ages to have the vaccine even though they don’t get sick from COVID very often and they almost never die from it

He wants to force the vaccine on them because he makes a scientific error and doesn’t count natural immunity. 

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