Starfield is
Jun 14, 2021 59 secs
Bethesda's upcoming space RPG Starfield bagged itself a release date last night (November 11th 2022, in case you missed it), but we still don't know a whole about what we'll actually do in it.

In a recent interview, executive producer Todd Howard said "it's like Skyrim in space", though I doubt that means exploring draugr-filled asteroids.

This comes from an interview with The Washington Post, though I'm not sure this implies we'll be playing as a roguish smuggler, so much as it suggests that Starfield will give us a good level of freedom.

Howard goes on to explain that Starfield will have players join Constellation (who're also name-dropped in the new trailer above), an organisation composed of the last space explorers.

When you start Starfield, you'll choose a character background "with many options for customization that will impact how some things in the game unfold.".

I'm hoping it'll be less like Skyrim in that regard, where the main impact from your character creation choices is how much racism you receive from the nords.

Howard even mentions that Starfield would be "a great world to put a show in" - but please Todd, I'd like a video game first

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