Take It From Them: Americans Hospitalized With Covid Regret Not Getting the Vaccine - Rolling Stone
Aug 02, 2021 1 min, 10 secs

Covid-19 case rates are spiking as the Delta variant spreads through the nation.

Tennessee has experienced a dramatic spike in the Covid-19 cases as the Delta variant has swept the nation, with the case rate ballooning over 220 percent over the past two weeks, according to The New York Times.

The degree to which right-wing influencers like Valentine are responsible for the vaccine hesitancy fueling the Covid resurgence can’t be overstated.

These unvaccinated millions are now coming down with severe cases of Covid at an alarming rate.

Like Valentine, many of them are expressing regret that they neglected to get the vaccine.

Here are some recent reported examples of unvaccinated Americans and their families who were hospitalized with Covid and now regret forgoing the vaccine:.

The Covid case rate is rising dramatically among the unvaccinated, but the majority of those who have yet to get a shot still aren’t convinced

A recent Associated Press poll found that 35 percent of unvaccinated Americans say they will probably remain unvaccinated, while another 45 percent said they definitely will not get the shot

Despite evidence the vaccine offers strong protection against the Delta variant, 64 percent of unvaccinated Americans believe the vaccine does not offer protection against Covid variants

A Kaiser Health analysis of state data published last Friday found that the vast majority of Covid cases (between 94.1 and 99.85 percent), hospitalizations (between 95.02 and 99.93 percent), and deaths (between 96.91 and 99.91 percent) are among the unvaccinated

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