Teen says she nearly died after falling asleep, forgetting to change tampon - New York Post
Nov 24, 2021 51 secs

Ellie Makin said she developed toxic shock syndrome, but was dismissed by medics when she went to hospital for help.

She fainted and was taken to The University Hospital of North Durham by her university welfare tea, where she claims she told them about the tampon.

But after she got worse the next day, doctors at Tameside General Hospital confirmed she had toxic shock syndrome and kept her in for five days.

“I’d drunkenly fallen asleep with a tampon in and left it in for 12 hours so I googled my symptoms and knew it was toxic shock.

“I knew it wasn’t a viral infection because I was dizzy and fainting – I said that I was worried it was toxic shock and told them about the tampon but they didn’t do anything about it.

She said: “If there was even a chance it could’ve been toxic shock Durham Hospital should have run more tests, especially because of the fact that I’d left the tampon in for that long.

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