Teens have easier access to drugs as illegal trade booms on social media - CBS News
Dec 01, 2021 1 min, 0 secs

Macintosh turned to his social media for answers.

Looking through her son's Snapchat, she said she saw bags of pills and mushrooms.

The drug trade is booming on social media, according to Kathleen Miles, who works for the Center on Illicit Networks and Transnational Organized Crime.

"I think social media can be great, but it also has a really dark side of it," Miles said. .

In her experience, Miles said teenagers on social media are two degrees of separation away from a drug dealer. .

CBS News asked Miles to create two fake profiles across Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, claiming they were 18, but publicly identifying as high school students.

"By the third day, on Instagram," Miles said, "we were fully immersed into drug culture." For her, this culminated in a picture of someone appearing to snort cocaine.

Snapchat told CBS News it is "determined to do their part to eradicate drug sales." Instagram said it will "continue making improvements" to keep young people safe.

"The tragic drug epidemic requires urgent action and we are determined to do our part to eradicate drug sales on Snapchat

We will continue making improvements to keep people safe on Instagram, particularly the youngest members of our community

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