'The Bachelor' recap: Zach breaks his own 'no sex' rule in the Fantasy Suites - Entertainment Weekly News
Mar 21, 2023 54 secs
The final leg of Zach's "journey" brings us to Krabi, Thailand, where Jesse Palmer has traded in his signature sweaters for a jaunty pink linen oxford.

It'll be interesting to see how Ariel feels about Zach's "no sex" edict, especially because she — like many, many people — believes that physical intimacy is "a big part" of a relationship.

Even though they chowed down on a bunch of Thai food at the night market, Ariel and Zach still must go through the motions of a "dinner portion" of the date.

With that, Zach whips out the Fantasy Suite card — and before she can accept or reject the invitation, he tentatively lays down some ground rules.

Weirdly, production didn't set up any towels or anything so when Zach and Gabi get to the beach, they have to plop their wet butts down in the sand.

Now you've put yourself in a lose-lose situation: Either keep it secret from the other women and have them find out when the episode airs, or tell them while the cameras roll and make them feel s----y in the moment!



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