The Big Bang and time as we know it might be nothing but illusions - SYFY WIRE
Oct 15, 2021 1 min, 4 secs
Is everything in between, even the passage of time, just an illusion?

Turns out that general relativity does not hold up with singularities like black holes and the Big Bang.

Most scientists believe Einstein is right about general relativity, or the idea that our perception of gravity arises from the curve of space and time.

Black holes are dangerous territory for general relativity because there are too many aspects of them we cannot see.

The thing about black holes and other weird gravitational phenomena is that general relativity cannot fathom the extreme size and energies involved.

This means that there is a minimum possible distance between any two events, both in space and time.

What this means for the passage of time is that an element in a causal set is an event, or a specific point in spacetime.

What is seen as a “causal set” is supposed to grow from the first element onward, adding new elements on top of the set, so the passage of time means that one element after another comes into being.

“In causal set theory, the passage of time was used as an input when constructing a dynamics for causal sets, or how a causal set (a universe) should behave,” Bento said?

It isn’t that general relativity just vanishes.

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