The buzziest questions we have before the 'Yellowjackets' finale - CNN
Jan 16, 2022 1 min, 15 secs
Like the conniving Jessica Roberts, we've got a lot of questions for the survivors of that doomed flight, so here are a few of the queries that keep us up at night.

We'll channel Lottie for our premonitions-- all of hers have come true so far, no?

maybe Misty?

She found Travis' last paystub that led them to the farm where he worked -- and where he died -- and we know Misty had been tracking down Travis as a "citizen detective" before.

For Shauna's sake, let's hope Jackie is not alive to torment her -- Shauna's visions of her former BFF already have that covered.

For Melanie Lynskey's sake, let's hope we do!

We're still not sure who's under those furs -- though we DO know Misty is among them, since she's the only one who removes her mask -- but Lottie dons a crown of antlers throughout episode nine, and she gets up to some pretty gnarly business while she's wearing it.

Our premonitions say ...

The moment when she first wears the antlers felt like a coronation -- one the show has been hinting at for a few weeks, by positioning Lottie in front of antlers on the walls of the cabin.

Maybe Taissa is actually possessed by the spirit of some evil entity -- or maybe, Taissa copes with her intense stress by climbing trees and eating dirt (and maybe her dog, Biscuit?) in her sleep.

Let's hope the finale gives us a semblance of an answer here.

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