The death of Americans' financial privacy
Sep 24, 2021 1 min, 10 secs
Democrats want the IRS to monitor transactions of every bank account with more than $600.

The death of Americans’ financial privacy.

President Biden’s financial monitoring scheme is the latest example.

The president, or perhaps more aptly, the president’s handlers, announced they want to monitor the transactions of every bank account with more than $600 allegedly to ensure “the rich pay their fair share.” .

In reality, it’s about eroding the financial privacy of every American. .

This unprecedented scheme is intended to collect massive amounts of data and monitor Americans’ financial transactions for future regulation.

Biden’s 40-plus tax hikes and the nearly $5 trillion in spending are a coupling of expanding financial dependency and financial monitoring to inject government into the very depths of your private life, business, and household.

The Obama administration monitored Americans’ financial transactions using a shadowy program that came to be called Operation Choke Point.

Choke Point brought together deep state bureaucrats and political appointees at the Departments of Justice and Treasury, the FDIC, and Elizabeth Warren’s innocuous-sounding Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

When Congress asked why the CFPB was tracking Americans’ credit card purchases, they were told to go pound sand

In this present scheme, the administration claims it will only be looking at gross inflows and outflows, not the specifics of the transactions

Once governments can monitor or control your health care, your finances, and your privacy - they own you

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