The Mess Continues For This Bachelorette - The Cut
Nov 25, 2021 57 secs

Katie Thurston’s “12 Days of Messy” are over, but the real mess has only just begun.

One day after the former Bachelorette announced that she was in a new relationship, her ex fiancé Blake Moynes is speaking out, and he has some notes.

“You know, the ‘12 Days of Messy,’ that I didn’t sign up for, but was attached to, just like all the other guys.

In a portion of the interview recorded before the end of Katie’s “12 Days Of Messy,” Blake was much more diplomatic about their breakup, saying that though they “definitely fell in love,” they just didn’t work in the real world.

Since the new relationship announcement, however, Blake told Mike and Bryan that he’s second guessing everything, though he didn’t want to go into detail.

“I just thought that she might tell me, on the side, just because we had been very cordial,” Blake said, adding that he felt there was “a lot of disrespect there.” Still, at the end of the day, he said he didn’t want pity, he just wanted to speak now sot hat he could leave it all behind?

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