The Moment That Sold Me On Back 4 Blood, The New Shooter By L4D Devs - Kotaku
Oct 15, 2021 48 secs
Confession time: I’ve never played Left 4 Dead.

But it was playing the level “Bar Room Blitz” this week that crystallized for me just how freakin’ cool these zombie-killing games can be.

Our jukebox played “Black Betty” by Spiderbait, just the absolutely spot-on zombie-killing song.

(Some kind souls have cobbled together the jukebox’s offerings in various Spotity playlists.) Reading through the full setlist, yeah, every single one is just as fit for the situation as “Black Betty.” I fully plan on playing through the level several times to see what songs I get.

I’ve played plenty of zombie games that capture the zipping freneticism of a good zombie flick, but I’ve never legitimately felt like I’m in one, not the way I did with Back 4 Blood’s “Bar Room Blitz” level.

Wait, the level is called “Bar Room Blitz”, the jukebox playing is an integral part of the level, there are different songs that can play..

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