The moon photobombs a sunset in this otherworldly solar eclipse image -
May 15, 2022 1 min, 6 secs

Before the sun passed below the horizon, the moon intercepted Earth's view, temporarily blocking a small portion of the sun's circle in the first partial solar eclipse of 2022.

the image combines a series of photographs from the evening of the solar eclipse to produce a record of the moon's path in front of the descending sun. .

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses in front of the sun as viewed from Earth.

Eclipses can be either total or partial; while total eclipses involve the moon temporarily blocking the entire disk of the sun, in the April eclipse the moon only covered a fraction of the sun, making it appear as if a "bite" of the sun had disappeared. .

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The most drastic view of April's eclipse took place off the southern tip of South America, where the moon blocked 64% of the sun's disk, according to NASA.

— These NASA photos of the sunrise solar eclipse of 2021 are just jaw-dropping.

The eclipse could be seen from Antarctica, the southernmost regions of South America and from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

The next solar eclipse of 2022 will be the last of the year

25, another partial eclipse will take place, which will be visible from Europe, western Asia and northeast Africa. 

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