The smartest weed bong launches at the worst possible time
Apr 01, 2020 1 min, 48 secs
(Just ask my local socially-distancing  dispensary, where any item you eat or drink is frequently sold out.) To continue to smoke or vape, given COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, is a thing that attacks the lungs?

The company had a battle plan for its high-tech $250 handheld concentrate bong, the Roam.

The plan involved bringing the product out April 1, in time for 420 — once considered among the year's biggest celebrations, now more of a "maybe we'll risk being 6 ft away from a joint?" abstraction — its marketing replete with models using the device in front of French and Spanish landmarks. .

There can be no doubt, the Roam is the smartest, smoothest, tastiest, most efficient and effective pocket-sized weed delivery device I've ever tried.

Roam is the smartest, smoothest, tastiest, most efficient and effective pocket-sized weed delivery device I've ever tried.".

The Roam revolutionizes the bong concept by putting its water tube on the inside (making it much more stoner-proof than the Puffco Peak, the last portable bong to wow design fans).

Ever since I was first coaxed into trying them, I've switched entirely from flower and oil pens to concentrate.

As I've written before, concentrate vaping does not include cutting agents that caused the vape pen panic last year. .

This is contrary to the reputation of this form of inhalation, which is also known as "dabbing." That's because it used to be the preserve of weed nerds with expensive glass "rigs" and scary superheated "nails." The Roam is the latest advance in what you might call a dabbing renaissance: beautifully designed devices that take the guesswork and the scary parts out of superheating concentrated forms of the cannabis plant.

The Roam also boasts a "MAX" (somewhere unspecified beyond 800F) mode that's mostly useful for cleaning the thing.

For that reason, as well as for the, y'know, whole quarantine thing, you're probably better off using it at home, near electricity

More than a few hits at a time on this thing could have you locked down on your couch, albeit very pleasantly, no matter what kind of concentrate you use

To celebrations and parties and reunions in that future time, the Roam will roam. 

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