This Common Household Cleaner Was Just Proven to Kill COVID, EPA Says - msnNOW
Sep 17, 2020 48 secs
Unfortunately, many of the most popular products and supplies continue to be scarce on store shelves and online as consumers stockpile their beloved disinfectants.

8, the Clorox Company announced that third-party laboratory testing had been approved by the EPA saying that the cleaning product was shown to be effective against the novel coronavirus with "10-minute contact time on hard non-porous surfaces," ABC News reports.

The pine-scented cleaning mainstay is the most recent addition to the EPA's "List N" of cleaning products that are approved to be effective against coronavirus.

The supplemented items have begun to make it easier for customers to locate and buy disinfectants at a time when popular products such as Clorox Wipes are nowhere to be found.

But even if you can't find the high-powered cleaning products in the store you're looking for, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains that regular hand washing is still the most effective way to prevent contamination via touching surfaces.

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