This guy mowed his lawn for the ultimate Apple Watch Ultra GPS test - 9to5Mac
Oct 05, 2022 44 secs

We’ve seen some incredibly extreme Apple Watch Ultra tests, but nothing comes close to this one.

The results are actually fascinating for seeing how the new GPS in Apple Watch Ultra performs.

Apple Watch Ultra is the first version to feature what Apple calls a precision dual-frequency GPS.

The new GPS on Apple Watch Ultra combines the L1 GPS and new L5 GPS signal to capture a more precise location while maintaining power efficiency.

Apple is careful not to shun the GPS inside the new Apple Watch SE and Series 8, but it turns out, everyone can benefit from the dual-frequency GPS?

The visual alone sells the precision that adding L5 brings to the Apple Watch Ultra.

If you weren’t convinced yet about the superiority of the Apple Watch Ultra, this should seal the deal for you.

Have your own GPS comparison experience with Apple Watch Ultra



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