‘Tiger King’ Movie: The Most Unlikely Celebs Who Want to Play Joe Exotic
Apr 05, 2020 1 min, 14 secs
With a Tiger King movie almost certainly in the works, here are all of the unlikely celebrities who want to play Joe Exotic.

A multitude of celebrities have posted about Tiger King on social media.

Some of these stars, like Kim Kardashian, are only fans of the series, while others, like Dax Shepard and Jared Leto, have thrown their hats into the ring to play Exotic.

ED NORTON and DAX SHEPARD Fighting Over Who Gets to Play JOE EXOTIC in TIGER KING Biopic – https://t.co/Wpy64T7e23 pic.twitter.com/m2BcqmzmAN.

Dane Cook also got in on the fun and assured Shepard that he has already been asked to play Exotic but would put in a good word for him with producers.

Exotic: Tiger King podcast host Robert Moor believes the role should go to?

revealed that Margot Robbie would be the top name on his list to play Exotic.

We nominate Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, David Spade and Dax Shepherd.

“I think Margot Robbie should play Joe in like a gender switch

They are currently looking for someone to play the part of Doc Antle, and Moor

Aside from the main characters in a Tiger King film, some

If Shepard lands the part of Exotic, Mikey Day from SNL believes

Netflix started streaming Tiger King on March 20

It is unclear if anyone is thinking about making a movie based on the events in Tiger King, but a film adaptation seems highly likely given the popularity of the show

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