Tinder Will Help You Find Wedding Dates Because Apparently Taking Strangers to Weddings Is a Thing - Gizmodo
Oct 16, 2021 52 secs
Yet, people are apparently going on Tinder with a very different goal in mind: finding a wedding date.

Tinder announced on Thursday that it was launching a new option called “Plus One,” which allows users to indicate if they’re looking for a wedding date or willing to be someone else’s date.

According to Tinder, Plus One is launching just in time “to kickoff the next wedding boom,” citing the postponements and cancelations caused by the pandemic.

But there is a quite a difference between going on a date with someone you just met and taking them to a wedding.

I would feel tremendous pressure to stay and entertain my date all night and wouldn’t be able to enjoy being with my friends and the wedding couple.

Speaking of the wedding couple, have you thought about how they would feel about you taking an absolute stranger to their wedding?

Just know that bringing a date to an expensive event like a wedding, especially one you just met, is easier said than done

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