Two-metre social distancing rule was arbitrary and not backed up by science - Daily Mail
Nov 23, 2021 2 mins, 25 secs

ONS figures show 41 per cent of the country are still following social distancing when in public, while 85 per cent say they are still wearing face masks.

While mask wearing is still advised in England in indoor settings where people are crowded with strangers, such as public transport, no such guidance applies for outdoor areas.

Professor Epaminondas Mastorakos, an expert in fluid mechanics from the University of Cambridge urged people to keep wearing masks indoors.

'We’re all desperate to see the back of this pandemic, but we strongly recommend that people keep wearing masks in indoor spaces such as offices, classrooms and shops,' he said.

While a new study has claimed wearing masks are the most effective way people can curb Covid transmission new data from the Office of National Statistics shows nearly one in three Britons under 30 didn't wear one last week

Exceptions to compulsory mask wearing apply in all countries for people such as young children, and for those whose physical and mental disabilities mean they cannot wear a mask easily or safely. 

Researchers at Boston University in the US found wearing face masks is an effective way to stop the spread of the coronavirus

The study, published in the journal Lancet Digital Health, found a 10 per cent rise in self-reported mask wearing is associated with a three-fold increase in the odds of keeping the R number – the number of others each person with coronavirus infects – below 1

Co-author of the study Ben Rader, of Boston Children's Hospital and Boston University, said: 'An important finding of this research is that mask wearing is not a replacement for physical distancing.' 

Research by the University of Massachusetts Lowell and California Baptist University in the US found wearing a used three-layer surgical mask can reduce the number of small droplets that are released into the air by two thirds

A study by Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark suggested face masks may only offer the wearer limited protection against Covid infection

Researchers found there was no statistically significant difference in the number of people who contacted the virus in a group wearing masks in public compared to a group that did not do so

Research by Edinburgh University in Scotland suggested cloth face masks are effective at reducing the amount of droplets spread by coughing or sneezing

A University of Oxford study published on March 30 last year concluded that surgical face masks are just as effective at preventing respiratory infections as N95 respirators for doctors, nurses and other health care workers. 

N95 respirators are made of thick, tightly woven and moulded material that fits tightly over the face and can stop 95 percent of all airborne particles, while surgical masks are thinner, fit more loosely, and more porous

The Oxford analysis of past studies - which has not yet been peer reviewed - found that surgical masks were worth wearing but any face mask is only as good as other health and hygiene practices

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