Ubisoft Helps Out Its Writers by Implementing AI Tech to Do Their Job for Them - Push Square
Mar 22, 2023 50 secs
Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube Ubisoft is a publisher unafraid of tackling new technology head-on.

The company is always supportive of new platform launches, and seems willing to embrace cutting edge tech where possible — even the questionable stuff.

As explained in the above video, Ubisoft Ghostwriter is an AI-driven tool that allows writers to generate lines of dialogue based on prompts, which can then be edited or adjusted in various ways.

The idea is that dev teams can utilise this functionality to create "barks" — those throwaway NPC lines you hear while running around open worlds — so that writers can instead put more focus on the main story and characters.

It also naturally leads to concerns that this is just the beginning; what if, eventually, Ubisoft evolves this Ghostwriter program to replace some (or all) of its human writers?

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