Vaccinating US Kids Isn't Neglect of Indian Adults
May 11, 2021 1 min, 17 secs
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On Monday, the FDA authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for children aged 12–15 years, and the CDC’s Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices is set to vote on its use in this age group on Wednesday.

Yes, it is true that children rarely die from Covid-19 (although some do).

Yes, it is true that most children are not hospitalized with Covid-19 (although many are, particularly those who are immunocompromised or with other underlying conditions).

Older children transmit SARS-CoV-2 at rates similar to adults, and new data this week show children accounting for 24 percent of all new infections in the US (up from some 2 percent in April 2020), likely due to the success of our vaccination program in adults.

The mental health impact on children and adolescents is well documented as are their learning losses and the exit of women with children from the workforce.

As a working parent of three healthy children (one vaccinated, one newly eligible, and one not yet eligible) with a comfortable income, good internet access, and local schools that are following science-based Covid-19 protocols, it is certainly tempting to think that my 15-year-old’s vaccine doses would be better off elsewhere?

Of course children should be vaccinated.

The traditionally slow pace for pediatric studies has also been true for Covid-19 vaccines.

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