VDH says Roanoke restaurant employee diagnosed with hepatitis A - WDBJ7
Sep 24, 2021 46 secs

EARLIER STORY: The Virginia Department of Health is alerting the community to watch for symptoms of hepatitis A after a local restaurant employee was diagnosed.

Anyone who is not vaccinated against hepatitis A and was at any of these locations between August 10 and 26 could have been exposed and should watch for the following symptoms:.

“If you develop any of these symptoms, please seek medical care and let your healthcare provider know of your possible exposure.

It is also very important for people with symptoms to stay home from work, especially if they work in food service, health care or child care.

The vaccine is available from health care providers, including pharmacies and travel clinics.

Anyone who is not currently vaccinated against Hepatitis A is encouraged to get the vaccine, which is currently available from many healthcare providers, health clinics and local pharmacies and is part of routine childhood vaccination series

Symptoms may develop 15 to 50 days following exposure

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