'Wheel of Fortune' contestant wows Pat Sajak with unique talent, wins $30K - New York Post
Mar 24, 2023 43 secs
The accounting student nonchalantly pulled a jumbled Rubik’s Cube out of his jacket pocket and started solving the colorful square while continuing his conversation with Sajak.

Benson solved the brain game live on air in about 15 seconds and proudly held up the speed feat for the audience to notice.

Benson was then sent to the bonus round, where he could not solve the puzzle after selecting the four letters “DBCO.”

Benson told Sajak that his real skill for solving the cube comes when he’s blindfolded.ABC

Sajak, 76, who’s been hosting “Wheel of Fortune” since 1981, gave fans of the game show pause on two different occasions earlier this week.

Before Jackson took home $75,800 in total from the game and bonus round and was grappled by Sajak, he did mention to the host that he’s a professional wrestler who does the sport “for fun.”



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