X-rays have been detected from behind a black hole for the first time ever - Interesting Engineering
Aug 08, 2022 1 min, 25 secs
Researchers at Stanford University have found an odd pattern while observing the X-rays from the supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy 800 million light-years away.

Such a phenomenon has been theorized to exist before and is explained by the fact that as gas descends into a supermassive black hole, brilliant flares of X-ray emissions are produced -- exactly as seen by researchers.

Although even a rudimentary understanding of black holes reveals that this is a weird place for light to originate from, the theory suggests that these bright echoes are compatible with X-rays reflected from behind the black hole.

The universe's brightest constant sources of light are powered by material falling into supermassive black holes, and as it does so, a corona is created around the black hole.

The magnetic field becomes completely broken as a result of the black hole's strong spin, which causes it to arch so high above the black hole and spin erratically that it has been given the term "corona." This phenomenon is similar to what occurs around our own Sun.

The scientists discovered that these are the identical X-ray flares that were reflected from the disk's back, giving them their first look at a black hole's far side.

The X-rays that are seen reflected from the disk4, and the time delays, as variations in the X-ray emission echo or ‘reverberate’ off the disk5,6, provide a view of the environment just outside the event horizon.

Here we report observations of X-ray flares emitted from around the supermassive black hole in I Zw 1

Analysis of the X-ray flares reveals short flashes of photons consistent with the re-emergence of emission from behind the black hole

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