Oct 04, 2022 1 min, 15 secs
YouTuber Summoning Salt’s videos on the history of speedrunning are some of the most popular in the hobby’s space and beyond, and now one of them has fallen prey to the Google platform’s notoriously confusing and opaque moderation process.

“This video may be inappropriate for some users,” reads a warning before his new hour-long documentary on the history of Mega Man 2 speedruns, drastically changing how it’s monetized and how it surfaces in YouTube’s algorithm.

“My Mega Man 2 video was just age-restricted,” Summoning Salt tweeted on September 21.

I have a 78 minute video, with one brief clip in the middle with someone saying the f-bomb a few times.” He also tweeted a breakdown demonstrating that an AVGN video with a much higher concentration of profanity was not age-restricted, while his video, for some reason, was.

“The History of Mega Man 2 World Records,” which documents over a decade of speedrunning attempts, dramas, and controversies, showcased everything viewers come to Summoning Salt’s videos for: arcane gaming history broken down and shown in a fun and approachable chronological format.

But every day the video remained age-restricted, it lost the revenue the YouTuber relies on to create content.

Summoning Salt went on to show graphs of the video’s “suggested views” compared to past ones that seemed to indicate the Mega Man 2 speedrunning history documentary still wasn’t being promoted as it normally would be by YouTube’s algorithm.

For the Mega Man 2 speedrunning documentary, it’s basically too late anyway.

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