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[like] elastic, thread, really basic things," she said.

"So it's been quite amazing to see how much goes into this build because of the things that we've been challenged in acquiring.".

Despite this, the production's 65-strong costume team have come up with the goods, creating more than 500 period outfits, replete with handmade shoes and accessories.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took part in a video call this week from their Norfolk residence.

Through their Royal Foundation's COVID-19 Response Fund, the Duke and Duchess have partnered with NHS England and NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care to help fund the helpline.

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"It took me a little while to get it — I had a few slips, like most people — but I feel really good," Affleck said.

Last year he spoke to the New York Times about one of these pubic slip-ups, when he was filmed intoxicated at a party in 2019.

"Relapse is embarrassing, obviously," he admitted.

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Adjunct Professor John Skerritt, who leads the Therapeutic Goods Administration, estimates there are more than 50 staff working directly on the approval process for the COVID-19 vaccines, and even more staff who were called in for their specialist knowledge when needed.

When most Australians were on leave over Christmas, staff at the regulator were working through, knowing deadlines were fast approaching.

Tursun Kerim shows Prof John Skerritt and Dr Lisa Kerr his current work with the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Sigurd Hortemo, chief physician at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, said in a statement that common side effects like fever and nausea shortly after vaccination may have led to more serious outcomes and deaths among elderly, frail patients.

According to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, as of Thursday, reports of 23 suspected deaths were sent to the Norwegian ADR health registry, including 13 reports assessed by health officials.

The patients died within a week of vaccination, a spokesperson said.

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In a further blind test of 10 additional sperm samples, the scientists were able to use their DNA methylation findings to predict whether or not the men had fathered autistic children with an accuracy rate of around 90 percent.

Not only could the study be expanded to predict the chances of men fathering autism, but it could also provide clues as to how these epigenetic changes come about in the first place, according to the researchers – perhaps giving us a way to do something about them.

"We found out years ago that environmental factors can alter the germline, the sperm or the egg, epigenetics," says Skinner.

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'Our model using sequential chest X-rays can predict up to four days (96 hours) in advance if a patient may need more intensive care solutions, generally outperforming predictions by human experts,' the authors said in a blog post published Friday.

The team first 'pretrained' the model with a public database of chest X-rays on MIMIC-CXR-JPG and CheXpert.

The system was then trained on NYU coronavirus chest X-rays that included a total of 26,383 images from 4,914 patients, which allowed the models to label a patient's condition worsening with 24, 48, 72, or 96 hours of the scan in question.

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Called KOI-5Ab, the planet, which was the second new planet candidate to be found by the mission, was ultimately forgotten as Kepler racked up more and more planet discoveries.

By the end of its mission in 2018, Kepler had discovered a whopping 2,394 exoplanets, or planets orbiting stars beyond our sun, and an additional 2,366 exoplanet candidates, including KOI-5Ab.

Now, David Ciardi, chief scientist of NASA’s Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI), located at Caltech’s IPAC, says he has “resurrected KOI-5Ab from the dead,” thanks to new observations from NASA’s TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) missionM

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The AAAS wants to try the green OA model for its subscription journals as a “year-long experiment to see if this is sustainable”, says Bill Moran, the publisher of the Science family of journals

Whether green OA can work in the long run for the publisher (which also publishes a gold OA journal, Science Advances) is “the biggest question we have wrestled with”, he adds

But given that the AAAS already allows manuscripts to be shared — if not as liberally — he hopes the change won’t mean that libraries or other communities cut down on subscriptions that support the society

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The extinct shark, part of a group known as hybodontiformes, is a close relative of modern sharks

The fossil offered up over 150 teeth, which it would have put to good use on its prey. 

"Asteracanthus was certainly not only one of the largest cartilaginous fishes of its time," Stumpf said, "but also one of the most impressive."

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Any traffic going through a satellite internet service will bypass any controls or monitoring programs active within Russia.

Russia’s spaceflight chief, Dmitry Rogozin has also criticized the US government’s support of SpaceX, which he considers “predatory” and geared toward projecting American power across the globe.

However, satellite internet might be inevitable as even those in rural areas have started expecting reliable connectivity.

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Incidentally, for those wondering, the eels produce their electricity with special cells that carry negative electric charges.

When the eels decide to let loose, a nerve signal causes the release of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.

In turn, the acetylcholine charges the cells like tiny batteries, which the eels can discharge to fry fish prey

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These new models would come in both 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, with new and improved Apple Silicon processors like those that Apple debuted on the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro model late last year.

They would also see the return of Apple's MagSafe charger, a magnetic dedicated charging port that would replace USB-C for power, and they could potentially do away with the Touch Bar, the small strip of OLED display built in to the keyboard on modern MacBook Pros.

Bloomberg's report suggests that these MacBook Pro models will have processors with more cores and better graphics capabilities than the existing M1 chips that power Apple's current notebooks with in-house silicon, and that they'll also have displays with brighter panels that offer higher contrast.

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The best gaming mouse

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Both pairs of headphones are completely wireless, have noise-cancelling tech, and work seamlessly with their partner smartphone – the AirPods with an Apple handset like the iPhone 12, and the Buds Pro with a Galaxy, such as the Galaxy S20.

But which is best pair of buds.

Let's find out...

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With TV+, you can watch well-produced, big-budget TV shows from famed directors, and starring award-winning actors and actresses across all your Apple devices and with up to six members of your Family Sharing group.


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A portable and wireless phone charger has been recalled over concerns a malfunction could spark a fire.

It was found in Belkin’s Portable Wireless Charger and Stand with the Model Number WIZ003.

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The changes are partially connected to Rammus’ appearance in League of Legends: Wild Rift which had to modify champions in some ways to make them better fit into the mobile format.

In the PC version of League of Legends, Riot Games said it identified some ways that Rammus could be improved there without changing too much of the champion.

“Generally we want LoL PC and Wild Rift to be as similar as possible, but in the end, we'd rather have differences between League PC and Wild Rift than force one game to use the other's design where it doesn't make sense,” Riot said about the two games.

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According to Bloomberg, Apple will replace its Intel iMac lineup with redesigned 21.5- and 27-inch versions with Apple Silicon later this year.

This is the first overhaul the iMac has seen in nine years, which is frankly wild.

Last year’s iMac was very good, particularly if you opted for the nano-texture glass screen, but it’s definitely looking dated, and the processing power we’ve seen from Apple’s ARM-based M1 chip in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is likely just a taste of what’s to come in the new iMac.

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If you’re wondering just how this gameplay has come about in the first place, Pokemon Unite is actually going through a closed beta phase right now.

The only downside is that this beta is only available in China right now.

The in-game text from the gameplay video surely gave this away if you already watched it for yourself.


No more Mr Nice Guys: Promising Young Woman puts the romcom out to grass
17 hours ago
No more Mr Nice Guys: Promising Young Woman puts the romcom out to grass
2 mins, 1 sec


Emerald Fennell has said that she wanted Promising Young Woman (starring Carey Mulligan, pictured) to be a blend of genres: a revenge thriller with the look and feel of a romcom.

Credit:Merie Weismiller Wallace/Focus Features via AP.

Fennell has said that she wanted Promising Young Woman to be a blend of genres: a revenge thriller with the look and feel of a romcom.

The Hottest 100 Winner Is In The Lead By A Bee’s Dick RN So That’s Gonna Be A Fun Countdown
1 day ago
The Hottest 100 Winner Is In The Lead By A Bee’s Dick RN So That’s Gonna Be A Fun Countdown
1 min, 2 secs


The Triple J Hottest 100 countdown is all happening on Saturday, January 23 this year and honestly considering the last 12 months I reckon half of the list is gonna have me looking incredulously at my friends and saying “this came out LAST YEAR???”

Get the tins chilled, this one’s gonna be a real surprise, I think

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YouTuber becomes 'accidentally bitcoin rich' thanks to $50 donation
1 day ago
YouTuber becomes 'accidentally bitcoin rich' thanks to $50 donation
54 secs


Spagnola received the initial donation, worth $50 of bitcoin, from an individual in 2013 for her "Free Paintings" project, in which the artist creates vibrant works for people without charge.

"There was this gentleman that convinced me bitcoin is cool and donated $50 of it," she says in the video.

The YouTuber has created over 2,700 artworks for fans through her altruistic art project, painting 12x12" acrylic portraits of an item users request and mailing it to them for free.


Windows 10 Warning: You can lose everything in 1 minute!
7 hours ago
Windows 10 Warning: You can lose everything in 1 minute!
51 secs


In several tests carried out by the site Sleeping computer, This command can be hidden within a Windows shortcut file, a zip or multiple vectors.

This way you can activate a computer, which will instantly decrypt the system code.


Apple Extends Free Apple TV+ Trials Until July
11 hours ago
Apple Extends Free Apple TV+ Trials Until July
38 secs


Expanding the free trial period gives Apple time to present more original content to ‌Apple TV+‌ viewers before they have an opportunity to cancel their subscriptions.

Apple has been steadily building out its ‌Apple TV+‌ content catalog, and the second seasons of many of the original launch shows are coming out in January and February.


Woman gets 'glittering' revenge on her cheating partner
1 day ago
Woman gets 'glittering' revenge on her cheating partner
48 secs


A woman has actioned a speculator revenge on her cheating boyfriend by dumping mounds of glitter all over his apartment.

Documenting the moment on TikTok, social media user Holly pulled off the glittering display after discovering her partner was involved with someone else.

The sparkling act of revenge occurs after Holly demands to drop in to her now-ex-partner's place in order to gather her things, while he wasn't there.


Extreme fire weather
1 day ago
Extreme fire weather
2 mins, 5 secs


By 2005, emissions raised the risk of extreme fire weather by 20% from preindustrial levels in western and eastern North America, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and the Amazon.

The researchers predict that by 2080, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to raise the risk of extreme wildfire by at least 50% in western North America, equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia, while doubling it in the Mediterranean, southern Africa, eastern North America and the Amazon.

Meanwhile, biomass burning and land-use changes have more regional impacts that amplify greenhouse gas-driven warming, according to the study -- notably a 30% increase of extreme fire weather risk over the Amazon and western north America during the 20th century caused by biomass burning.

'Lattice surgery' entangles fault-tolerant topological qubits
1 day ago
'Lattice surgery' entangles fault-tolerant topological qubits
1 min, 0 secs


In classical computers, errors can be measured and corrected, but in quantum computers the very act of measuring a quantum bit (qubit) of information causes it to collapse.

This build-up of errors puts severe limits on the size of a quantum computer and the size of the computation it can achieve.

Indeed, the largest quantum computer to date – Google AI’s Sycamore – contains just 53 qubits, whereas a standard PC contains billions of conventional bits.

Climate crisis: Scientists ‘identify missing link’ in formation of ice ages
2 days ago
Climate crisis: Scientists ‘identify missing link’ in formation of ice ages
1 min, 50 secs


As temperatures rise, the Southern Ocean will likely become too warm for Antarctic icebergs to travel far enough to trigger the changes in ocean circulation required for an ice age to develop.

Professor Hall said the study could help us understand how icebergs’ movements – or lack of movement – could inform future climate patterns.

“As we observe an increase in the mass loss from the Antarctic continent and iceberg activity in the Southern Ocean resulting from warming associated with current human greenhouse-gas emissions, our study emphasises the importance of understanding iceberg trajectories and melt patterns in developing the most robust predictions of their future impact on ocean circulation and climate,” he said.


Norway Warns of Vaccination Risks For Sick Elderly Patients After 23 Die
12 hours ago
Norway Warns of Vaccination Risks For Sick Elderly Patients After 23 Die
54 secs


Norwegian officials said 23 people had died a short time after receiving their first dose of vaccine.

Norway said Covid-19 vaccines may be too risky for the very old and terminally ill, the most cautious statement yet from a European health authority as countries assess the real-world side effects of the first shots to gain approval.

Norwegian officials said 23 people had died in the country a short time after receiving their first dose of the vaccine.

Chemicals can kill malaria parasite: study
13 hours ago
Chemicals can kill malaria parasite: study
37 secs


South African scientists have discovered chemical compounds that could potentially be used for a new line of drugs to treat malaria and even kill the parasite in its infectious stage, which most available drugs do not.

The research led by the University of Pretoria, published in the Nature Communications journal this week, found that chemical compounds undergoing trials for the treatment of tuberculosis and cancer - the JmjC inhibitor ML324 and the antitubercular clinical candidate SQ109 - can kill the disease-causing parasite at a stage when it normally infects others.

A weak gut microbiome may be linked to more severe COVID-19
1 day ago
A weak gut microbiome may be linked to more severe COVID-19
1 min, 33 secs


While the link has not been specifically investigated, some small-scalestudies have found that patients with COVID-19 have less diverse bacteria in their guts compared to healthy people.

A close look at faecal samples from 15 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Hong Kong found an increase in harmful bacteria and a decrease in friendly microbes compared to healthy gut ecosystems.

An imbalance in gut bacteria can make it easier for intruders like the coronavirus to infiltrate the intestinal lining, Kim wrote.


3 five-star ASX shares to buy in January
5 hours ago
3 five-star ASX shares to buy in January
1 min, 6 secs


The Motley Fool Australia » ASX Shares » 3 five-star ASX shares to buy in January.


James Mickleboro | January 16, 2021 12:00pm | More on: CSL DMP NDQ.

A Best Buy leak may reveal US pricing for the RTX 3070-powered HP Omen 15
7 hours ago
A Best Buy leak may reveal US pricing for the RTX 3070-powered HP Omen 15
15 secs


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Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer on Netflix has viewers horrified
1 day ago
Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer on Netflix has viewers horrified
40 secs


A grisly new Netflix true crime docuseries has some viewers switching off in disgust, labelling the show “tough viewing.”.

The story of one of the most vicious serial killers in American history, a real-life bogeyman that brought California to a standstill.

Netflix show The Night Stalker has been turning viewers off in disgust.


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