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A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.


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Do you agree with xQc that many longtime Overwatch players likely won't start referring to McCree as Cole Cassidy.

Or are you instead a fan of the cowboy's new name

Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12

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The official Tales of Luminaria YouTube channel uploaded a gameplay trailer that shows how battles work in the latest mobile entry of the Tales franchise.

It is almost ten minutes long and features a cutscene, as well as the game’s opening.

Throughout battle and exploration, Leo banters with Hugo and Celia, giving players a better look at just what their dynamic is like.

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Should Rockstar Games remove the Confederate flag from Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition

Meanwhile, for more coverage on the GTA Trilogy and all things gaming -- including all of the latest news, rumors, leaks, and speculation -- click here


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Android logo displayed on a phone screen is seen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland in September.

Recently, Kim Komando reveals what users can do if their phone batteries are running low?

(Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images).

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"Based on the increased amount of carbon-12 in this graphite, we concluded that the carbon atoms were once ancient life, most likely dead microorganisms such as cyanobacteria.".

At the time this ancient bacteria likely lived, the planet did not have much oxygen — an indispensable element for complex life — so the only life that could eke out an existence were teeny microbes and algae films.

Cyanobacteria are thought to be some of the first life on Earth, and through billions of years of converting sunlight into chemical energy, they gradually produced the oxygen necessary for complex life to eventually evolve, Live Science previously reported.

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The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are flagship smartphones, so it’s no surprise that they are better than the 4a series.

They come with plenty of useful extras like wireless charging, water resistance, better performance and cameras, more RAM, and an all-new design.

But they are also more expensive, and you might not be looking to upgrade from a year-old phone if you’re still happy with what it offers.

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Colored Troops story but this very impactful story of the Black experience during the war,” said Eric Jacobson, a local historian who worked on the project.

“A lot of people just didn’t know about it.”.

Dana McLendon, a city alderman for 24 years, called it “probably the single most important thing we’ve ever done.”.

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Sixteen crew members have been evacuated from the MV Zim Kingston, while five remained onboard to fight the fire, the Canadian Coast Guard said in a statement late on Saturday.

Ten containers were currently burning, it said, adding the fire continued to spread but the ship itself was not on fire.

The agency said it was working with its U.S.

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Joe Manchin is leaving the Democratic Party over $3.5 trillion spending bill.


Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., will be meeting with both President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on Sunday, Fox News has confirmed, as Democrats continue to have trouble agreeing to terms on a massive social spending bill to go alongside a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

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With XPILOT 3.5, the company will be launching a feature called City NGP, which stands for navigation guided pilot.

The system allows Xpeng's cars to change lanes, speed up or slow down, or overtake cars and enter and exit highways.

Previously the system was designed just for highways, but now Xpeng will be releasing this feature for driving in cities.

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Week 8 of the college football season is in the books, and it gave contenders another chance to prove their worth in the chase for the College Football Playoff National Championship. 


3 Oklahoma survived a scare from Kansas of all teams, No

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Towards the end of the Universal Championship match at Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar delivered an F-5 to Roman Reigns who knocked the referee down as he fell to the mat.

With no referee there to count the three, Brock Lesnar was fuming and trying to bring official Charles Robinson back to his senses.

This gave the Tribal Chief enough time to recuperate and connect with a spear.

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Legal Statement.

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On Twitter, Matt Hutchins, Halyna’s husband, has asked “anyone seeking to honor her memory” to donate to the AFI’s Halyna Hutchins Scholarship Fund, which supports aspiring female cinematographers.

The 42-year-old cinematographer was killed on the set of the western Rust on Thursday night in New Mexico after a prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin was accidentally discharged.

The incident also left director Joel Souza hospitalized with injuries.

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Lil Nas X joked on Instagram Live this Saturday that he'd been 'working on' a song with 38-year-old rapper Lil Boosie, aka Boosie Badazz.

After getting wind of the claim, Boosie launched into a homophobic rant against the 22-year-old hitmaker on Twitter, where he suggested the 'world would be a better place' if he committed suicide.

Instead of firing back at Boosie, Lil Nas X put his sense of humor to good use and penned a clever indirect response to the drama on his own Twitter account.

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The transition was difficult for Masako, who long battled with an illness doctors described as an "adjustment disorder."

"Each case of a female member of the royal family struggling with mental illness has involved different circumstances," said Ken Ruoff, director of the Center for Japanese Studies at Portland State University and author of "Japan's Imperial House in the Postwar Era, 1945-2019."

"In the case of then Crown Princess Masako, it revolved almost entirely around her being blamed for not producing the requisite male heir," he added.

"Fast forward to the case of Princess Mako, and it revolves entirely around her marriage being subjected to a level of scrutiny that few marriages are subjected to, especially when you consider that she'll be exiting the royal house as soon as she is formally married."

Under Japanese law, members of the royal household must give up their titles and leave the palace if they marry a commoner.

As there are only 18 members of the Imperial family, Princess Mako isn't the first to leave.

The last royal to do so was her aunt, Sayako, the only daughter of Emperor Akihito, when she married town planner Yoshiki Kuroda in 2005.

As a woman, Princess Mako wasn't in line to the throne -- Japan's male-only succession law prevents that from happening.

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Tim donned a bright blue and black patterned dress shirt with a black suit jacket and black pants. .

The California native sported black dress shoes and large black glasses with light pink lenses.

Nell wore a black minidress that had a white lace bodice and collar and sheer beaded puff sleeves.

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Keeping it on the down low: Hilton has not revealed who would be designing her wedding dress for her upcoming ceremony

Coming soon: The socialite remarked that she would most likely have eleven to choose from in the coming weeks

Baby love: She also noted that, if given a choice, she would name her prospective baby London Marilyn Hilton

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Jost began hosting Weekend Update as co-anchor alongside Cecily Strong during Season 39, taking over from Meyers, who left SNL to host Late Night.

Meyers joined the cast of SNL in 2001 and became co-head writer in 2006 alongside Tina Fey and Andrew Steele, becoming co-anchor of Weekend Update in 2006 alongside Amy Poehler

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Lael Yonker noticed that children with MIS-C are far more likely to develop gastrointestinal symptoms — such as stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting — than the breathing problems often seen in acute COVID.

In some children with MIS-C, abdominal pain has been so severe that doctors misdiagnosed them with appendicitis; some actually underwent surgery before their doctors realized the true source of their pain.

Yonker, a pediatric pulmonologist at Boston's MassGeneral Hospital for Children, recently found evidence that the source of those symptoms could be the coronavirus, which can survive in the gut for weeks after it disappears from the nasal passages, Yonker said.

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A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.



Simon Monjack's Family Pissed Over Brittany Murphy Documentary
11 hours ago
Simon Monjack's Family Pissed Over Brittany Murphy Documentary
20 secs


Simon Monjack isn't the monster he was portrayed to be in HBO's newest Brittany Murphy doc, so says his brother, who feels he was duped into participating in the whole thing.

but mostly focuses on her bizarre marriage to Simon Monjack -- who died just 5 months after Murphy.

Harrison Ford has his credit card RETURNED to him by a good samaritan after losing it
19 hours ago
Harrison Ford has his credit card RETURNED to him by a good samaritan after losing it
47 secs


Harrison Ford lost a credit card while he was on a beach holiday in Sicily, which is in Southern Italy.

It seemingly happened during a break in the shooting of the fifth installment in the Indiana Jones film franchise.

But due to the good deed of a German tourist, the longtime Hollywood leading man has since gotten the card back.

Enemy Trailer: Action Spectacle
1 day ago
Enemy Trailer: Action Spectacle
18 secs


Director Anand Shankar comes up with a perfect multi-starrer film Enemy that features Vishal and Arya in lead roles.

The makers have unveiled theatrical trailer of the movie and it is power-packed with high intense action blocks.


Fortnite Resident Evil Skins Bring Chris Redfield And Jill Valentine To Battle Royale
16 hours ago
Fortnite Resident Evil Skins Bring Chris Redfield And Jill Valentine To Battle Royale
21 secs


Fortnite Resident Evil skins have arrived in the Item Shop today, bringing yet another collaboration to the battle royale and metaverse candidate.

Two characters from Capcom's beloved series, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield can be found in the Item Shop and purchased separately or together?

Here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite Resident Evil skins

Warzone’s The Haunting LTM bug is literally sending ghosts back to hell
1 day ago
Warzone’s The Haunting LTM bug is literally sending ghosts back to hell
31 secs


A bug in Call of Duty: Warzone’s The Haunting LTM can send ghosts back to hell by glitching them under the map to end their game.

The Halloween update brought back last year’s The Haunting event with a slight twist.

Dead players come back to life in the Ghosts of Verdansk LTM but are given supernatural abilities to down opponents instead of guns.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake Skipping Switch,PS4 - Here's Why
1 day ago
Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake Skipping Switch,PS4 - Here's Why
34 secs


So it might seem odd that a remake of a cult classic PS2-era game, Destroy All Humans!

2, is one of the few PS5 and Xbox Series X/S exclusives announced for 2022.

In an interview with The Escapist, the dev at Black Forest games (the same folks who developed the original DAH! remake) explained why the team was focusing on only the new consoles.


Explosive star death witnessed by Hubble could help develop an early warning system
2 days ago
Explosive star death witnessed by Hubble could help develop an early warning system
1 min, 34 secs


The aging star released this material in the final year before its death, allowing astronomers a glimpse into what happened prior to the supernova.

"We rarely get to examine this very close-in circumstellar material since it is only visible for a very short time, and we usually don't start observing a supernova until at least a few days after the explosion," said lead study author Samaporn Tinyanont, a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in a statement.

"For this supernova, we were able to make ultra-rapid observations with Hubble, giving unprecedented coverage of the region right next to the star that exploded."

A study detailing these findings will soon be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Invaluable data may help find other supernovas

To understand more about the history of the star, the research team used previous Hubble observations of the astronomical object over the last few decades.

And TESS had captured an image of the star every 30 minutes for several days before the supernova occurred, as well as during the event and for several weeks afterward.


Doctors fooled a human body into accepting a pig kidney transplant
2 days ago
Doctors fooled a human body into accepting a pig kidney transplant
33 secs


A team of surgeons at NYU’s Langone Health medical center recently managed to successfully transplant a pig kidney into a human patient without the body rejecting the organ—the first major operation of its kind, and one that apparently is raising a lot of (human) eyebrows.

Although similar tests have been conducted using non-human primates, as well as the fact that pig heart valves have been used as human transplants for some time, this is by far the most advanced procedure on record.

He’s also, apparently, himself a heart transplant recipient—which is kind of an ace in the hole, if we’re being honest here.

Why Public Health Is in Crisis: Threats, Departures, New Laws
3 days ago
Why Public Health Is in Crisis: Threats, Departures, New Laws
6 mins, 13 secs


State and local public health departments across the country have endured not only the public’s fury, but widespread staff defections, burnout, firings, unpredictable funding and a significant erosion in their authority to impose the health orders that were critical to America’s early response to the pandemic.

While the coronavirus has killed more than 700,000 in the United States in nearly two years, a more invisible casualty has been the nation’s public health system.

Already underfunded and neglected even before the pandemic, public health has been further undermined in ways that could resound for decades to come.


Erdogan's critics say demand for expulsions is distraction from economy woes
8 hours ago
Erdogan's critics say demand for expulsions is distraction from economy woes
1 min, 3 secs


Sinan Ulgen, chairman of Istanbul-based think tank Edam and a former Turkish diplomat, said Erdogan's timing was incongruous as Turkey was seeking to recalibrate its foreign policy away from episodes of tension in recent years.

"I still hope that Ankara will not go through with this," he wrote on Twitter, describing it as an unprecedented measure among NATO allies.

"The foreign policy establishment is working hard to find a more acceptable formula.

Georgia Dems wait with fear and angst for help from D.C.
8 hours ago
Georgia Dems wait with fear and angst for help from D.C.
3 mins, 12 secs


Despite finding no evidence of fraud by a state auditor last year, Georgia’s state election board appointed a panel to review the election board in Fulton County, a Democratic stronghold and the most populous in the state.

The announcement set off a veritable fire alarm among voting rights activists and Democratic operatives on the ground, who saw it as the first step toward a possible GOP takeover of the election system.

And then….

A C.I.A. Fighter, a Somali Bomb Maker, and a Faltering Shadow War
10 hours ago
A C.I.A. Fighter, a Somali Bomb Maker, and a Faltering Shadow War
5 mins, 38 secs


The Somalis handed everything to the C.I.A., including a memento — the dead militant’s unusual model of rifle, said Hussein Sheikh-Ali, then a senior Somali intelligence official and later Somalia’s national security adviser.

“It was a turning point” in the relationship between the Americans and Somalis, he said.

But as the fruits of cooperation became clear, so did the costs.


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