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The Y&R spoilers for Monday, July 26 lead off with Adam Newman setting some boundaries with Chelsea Lawson, Victoria Newman pushing Ashland Locke in a different direction, and Phyllis Summers putting her plan against Sally Spectra and Tara Locke into action.

Adam (Mark Grossman) had a rough day on Friday.

Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) told him he’ll always be evil.

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For a couple of months now, John Mulaney's plans had been to file for divorce ...

and he's finally pulled the trigger.

According to court records ...

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The next Dragon Ball Super movie is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and people will be able to see it in 2022

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She has a dog named Sir Albert Pugh who she posts on her Instagram a lot

She has a cactus she calls Barry the cactus, and shares updates about it on her Instagram stories a lot

The family hoped that moving to a warmer climate would help her asthma

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For up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Manitoba, including the online screening tool, testing criteria and locations, self-isolation requirements, public health fundamentals and the provincial response level on the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System, visit www.manitoba.ca/COVID19.

Steinbachonline.com is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

Jul 24.

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Because Candida auris infections can be hard to diagnose through symptoms alone, the CDC says infections are usually found through cultures of blood or other bodily fluids—and special laboratory tests are needed to identify Candida auris infections specifically, weeding them out from other more common types of Candida.

RELATED: Hugh Hefner Had a Drug-Resistant E.

Coli Infection.

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Asking about immunization status is seen as inappropriate by three-quarters of people surveyed who are unwilling or unsure about getting the shot.

On the other hand, 55% of people surveyed who’ve received at least one dose say asking about vaccination status is completely fine.

According to the poll, Conservative voters are also more likely to think asking about vaccination status is inappropriate.

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SARS-CoV-2 variants are not caused by vaccines and numerous Variants of Concern (VOC) were detected prior to mass rollouts of vaccines, despite suggestions to the contrary online.

One tweet that has been screenshotted and shared widely on Facebook reads: “Very odd that covid barely “mutated” for a year but once vaccines rolled out, suddenly a whole Greek alphabet of “variants” appeared.

But the unvaccinated are somehow at blame and are most at risk.

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Officials with Chatham-Kent Public Health are mulling over whether or not to have mobile vaccination clinics at schools this fall.

Medical Officer of Health Dr.

David Colby said the idea is under consideration because 12 to 17-year-olds are lagging behind other groups in getting their shots.

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​Kingston, Ont.’s health unit announced last week that it would enter a “new phase” of its vaccination effort, with plans to shut down mass clinics beginning in August and shift to pharmacy, mobile and primary care sites.

Mass clinics in the London, Ont., will see reduced hours in the coming weeks amid dwindling demand, the health unit announced this week.

It said immunizations have sped up and many people have moved up their second-dose appointments that were scheduled for the fall, meaning the large sites won’t be needed.

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More than 200 people in 27 states are being monitored for possible exposure after they had contact with an American who contracted monkeypox in Nigeria before traveling to Texas earlier this month, according to STAT News.

So far, none of the people who are being followed are considered high-risk, and none have contracted the virus.

The traveler flew on an overnight flight from Lagos, Nigeria, to Atlanta, Ga., on July 8 and then flew on another flight to Dallas on July 9.

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While everyone wants to get outside since COVID-19 restrictions are being scaled back, mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus have been identified in Brampton.

“The Region of Peel Public Health monitors West Nile virus activity through 33 mosquito traps set across the cities of Mississauga, Brampton and the town of Caledon,” Dr.

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The Penrose-Hameroff theory of quantum consciousness argues that microtubules are structured in a fractal pattern which would enable quantum processes to occur.

Fractals are structures that are neither two-dimensional nor three-dimensional, but are instead some fractional value in between.

In mathematics, fractals emerge as beautiful patterns that repeat themselves infinitely, generating what is seemingly impossible: a structure that has a finite area, but an infinite perimeter.

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Opening the lid of a trash bin might seem mundane, but when sulphur-crested cockatoos do it, it's awesome.

And research in the journal Science showed that cockatoos in Sydney are getting really good at it.

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In a notice of motion filed Thursday in Federal Court, Rota says the House — by virtue of its parliamentary privileges — has the power to send for the "persons, papers and records" it deems necessary to its functions.

"This constitutionally entrenched power is fundamental to our system of parliamentary.

The price of lumber rose at its fastest pace in more than a year on Thursday, after timber companies warned that wildfires in Western Canada are hurting their business.

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(Gray News) – July’s full moon highlights the start of the weekend.

The July full moon is also known as the thunder moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during the month.

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Russia: On Wednesday (21), Russia successfully launched a laboratory module that will be added to the International Space Station (ISS).

The procedure must take place after the astronauts verify that the systems of the new module are operating correctly and prepared to dock at the station.

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Bhubaneswar, July 24: Amid reports that an asteroid of the size of four football fields is hurtling towards earth but will fly past, Dr Suvendu Pattnaik, Deputy Director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium here said that there is no need to panic as the same asteroid has flown past the planet earlier as well and at a much closer distance.

He said there is no chance of asteroid '2008 GO20' colliding with the earth and noted that it will again revisit Earth in 2034.

"We should not panic.

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As the permafrost in the Russian Arctic continues to melt, more and more ancient lives are discovered, buried deep beneath the frozen layer of the Earth's surface.

Some of the finds recorded by the Sky News are the "parts of mammoth tusk, as well as fragments of woolly rhinoceros' bone", which once roamed the Arctic grasslands before it became extinct: rhinos were around 14,000 to 15,000 years old and mammoths about 10,500 years old.

The bone and tusk fragments were located in Duvanny Yar, near Chersky in the Siberian Arctic, home to international research stations where studies of ice loss and its impacts are held.

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Most of the rest of the video is spent covering a swath of questions from the community, offering insights into things like the connections between Fuchsia and Flutter

The full video tour is absolutely worth a watch if you have even a passing interest in what Fuchsia OS has in store

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With this hardware and software, users can place an Oculus Quest 2 headset on their head and see the world through the cameras of the headset.

A user’s hands are the controls, and the world is their playground.


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Available to download now the update delivers gorgeous visuals up to 4K on PS5 and Xbox Series X, super smooth 60 frames per second gameplay and greatly improved load times, making this the definitive Sniper Elite 4 experience.

Sniping has never looked better.

The increased frame rate ensures super smooth gameplay enabling you to pull off even better shots.


N.L. seniors rejoice after 'Footloose' music video helps lift ban on dances at personal care homes
18 hours ago
N.L. seniors rejoice after 'Footloose' music video helps lift ban on dances at personal care homes
1 min, 39 secs


The video eventually caught the attention of Newfoundland and Labrador Health Minister John Haggie, who clarified that personal care homes can once again host dances and thanked the Alderwood residents for raising the issue.


"It was never really our intent to restrict those once vaccination levels rose7

Rolling Loud Miami Stage Structure Collapses One Day Before Festival
1 day ago
Rolling Loud Miami Stage Structure Collapses One Day Before Festival
20 secs


A stage’s screen structure collapsed during preparations for Rolling Loud Miami tonight (July 22)—one day ahead of the festival’s scheduled start date, WPLG Local 10 reports.

“During load in and construction, a projection screen fell as it hadn’t yet been secured,” Rolling Loud Miami’s representative said in a statement.

Its New York edition is slated for October, with Rolling Loud California set for Los Angeles in December.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Friday, July 23 Recap – Ashland Collapses – Sharon’s Bad Boy Com...
1 day ago
The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Friday, July 23 Recap – Ashland Collapses – Sharon’s Bad Boy Com...
2 mins, 0 secs


After Billy reminds Sharon that Adam took his daughter’s life forever, he’ll suggest there are better ways to spend her time and energy than defending “that snake.”.

Next, Billy will mosey over to Adam’s table and gloat about him being all alone.

He’ll think it’s for the best that Chelsea took Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) with her.


AMG GT R Faces Fearsome Porsche 911 Duo In Three-Way Drag Race
18 hours ago
AMG GT R Faces Fearsome Porsche 911 Duo In Three-Way Drag Race
31 secs


This three-way drag race sees the previous-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS and 911 Turbo S challenge a Mercedes-AMG GT R, but it's not just a simple line-em-up format.

No less than six races are held on this empty runway, representing real-world conditions.

That's important, because we know the 911 Turbo S is easily the quickest of the bunch on paper.

Instagram confirms test of new anti-harassment tool, Limits, designed for moments of crisis
1 day ago
Instagram confirms test of new anti-harassment tool, Limits, designed for moments of crisis
51 secs


In the images that were shared, users with the feature would find a new section called Limits in Instagram’s privacy controls that explained that they could temporarily limit comments and messages from specific groups of followers.

Users could then toggle on or off groups to limit, including recent followers and accounts that are not following you, as these could include accounts that were spam or those created just to harass you.

As is often the case, when there’s a flood of incoming abuse, it will not come from an account’s longtime followers, but rather from newcomers who have sought out the account just to harass them.

Crash Bandicoot Celebrates 25 Years With A Special Anniversary Bundle
2 days ago
Crash Bandicoot Celebrates 25 Years With A Special Anniversary Bundle
2 mins, 38 secs


I already have them on PS4 but it’s a great deal for those that doesn’t have then (I didn’t like Crash 4 but the price is still good for 5 games).


Celebrating 25 years of Naughty Dog being unable to identify quality game design mechanics if they walked up and said hello.


As Americans navigate conflicting COVID-19 mask advice, 'everyone is confused'
16 hours ago
As Americans navigate conflicting COVID-19 mask advice, 'everyone is confused'
1 min, 19 secs


But the CDC on Thursday said it is not changing its mask guidance for schools, including that masks are only required for those over age 2 who have not been vaccinated.

The CDC in May relaxed its guidance so that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in most public spaces.

In Princeton, New Jersey, Ximena Skovron said she finds the dust-ups over masks and what the guidance actually is to be perplexing.

B.C.'s heat wave may be to blame for several cases of shellfish poisoning
1 day ago
B.C.'s heat wave may be to blame for several cases of shellfish poisoning
49 secs


Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), said there have been 10 confirmed outbreaks of Vibrio illness resulting from a naturally occurring bacterium that is known to proliferate when water temperatures rise in the summer.

Most people who've gotten sick had eaten shellfish they'd harvested themselves, while some fell ill after swimming or other recreational activities, McIntyre said.

"It's nasty," she said of Vibrio illness.

Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases are causing alarm, confusion
2 days ago
Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases are causing alarm, confusion
1 min, 42 secs


What scientists call “breakthrough” infections in people who are fully vaccinated make up a small fraction of cases.

“When you hear about a breakthrough infection, that doesn’t necessarily mean the vaccine is failing,” Dr.

Anthony Fauci, the U.S.


Fatal crash north of Chatsworth, Ont. under investigation
11 hours ago
Fatal crash north of Chatsworth, Ont. under investigation
23 secs


Highway 6-10 was closed from County Road 16 to Sunny Valley Road for the police investigation

Police say further updates will be released as more information becomes available

Relative charged in fire pit incident near Port Burwell, Ont. that killed child, injured four more
16 hours ago
Relative charged in fire pit incident near Port Burwell, Ont. that killed child, injured four more
38 secs


Jake and Tina Hiebert and three of their children; a one-year-old girl, four-year-old boy, and seven-year-old girl, all suffered severe burns following a mishap during a bonfire at a home on Vienna Line near Port Burwell, Ont.

on July 12.


Dead Space 1-3 And Ignition Are Available On Xbox Game Pass And EA Play
17 hours ago
Dead Space 1-3 And Ignition Are Available On Xbox Game Pass And EA Play
56 secs


As mentioned, you'll need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber (which includes EA Play) to get all these Dead Space games on Xbox!

Alternatively, EA Play members can sign up for that service alone to play the entire Dead Space catalog and every other title available on the service across console and PC

The original Dead Space was released in 2008, with a Wii-exclusive spin-off called Dead Space Extraction launching in 2009 before coming to PS3 in 2011



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