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Ryan Guldemond says he believes luck, good timing and "a little pixie dust" led to his band Mother Mother catching fire on TikTok in recent weeks.

The lead singer and guitarist for the Vancouver rock act says he was surprised when, seemingly out of nowhere, three tracks from their 2008 album O My Heart spiked in popularity on the music-fuelled social app.

The songs started to find noticeable traction on the platform in August, and have since become the soundtrack to thousands of videos.

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TVLINE | Were you at all worried about doing The Masked Singer during the pandemic.

I know you’ve been taping your show, as well, but was there any hesitation on your part.

There was definitely a thought about, uh-oh, quarantining, quarantining.

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Unfortunately, for Pitt and Poturalski (but, perhaps fortunately for Roland), their May-December romance did not make it to December 2020, as a source told Page Six that the pair is “totally over.” However, don’t feel too bad for Pitt or Poturalski as the same source said that their relationship was “never all that serious as it was cracked up to be,” and the two broke up “a while back.” In any case, Pitt is free to go back to doing what he does best: being America’s most-meta movie star and sparking rumors of rekindling things with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston every time they’re in the same room (or even the same Zoom).

If you happen to see him on Raya, please go easy on him, he’s been through a lot over the years.

Happy swiping.

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Huron Perth Public Health reported three new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday for a total of four active cases.

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Case 96 of COVID-19 has surfaced in Porcupine Health Unit territory – again, somewhere between Hearst and Hornepayne.

The unidentified patient is in self-isolation.  The health unit is looking into how that person contracted the virus.

Of the last eight confirmed test results in the region, six have been in the Hearst-Hornepayne corner of it.

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The vast majority of new cases are in the Fraser Health region, although new cases have been identified in all health regions. .

The breakdown of all known infections in B.C.

by health region, with the number of new cases overnight in brackets is:.

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The tide of COVID-19 sweeping across Ontario bypassed the local health unit on Wednesday, as it reported only one new case of the virus.

The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit said there are now 19 active COVID-19 cases, which is the same as the previous day, meaning that one person has recovered.

Those 19 cases include a resident at the Chartwell Wedgewood Retirement Home in Brockville, who contracted the virus on the weekend, and a health-care worker at the St.

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Reviewing the original notes, Kloess determined a fossil of a foot bone, known as a tarsometatarsus, was far older than originally thought - from about 50 million years ago rather than 40 million.

The pelagornithid (center) soared over Earth's oceans more than 40 million years ago.

With wingspans of over 20 feet, they may be the largest flying bird ever.

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“On Earth, goblins and elves appear reddish due to their interaction with nitrogen in the upper atmosphere.

But on Jupiter, the upper atmosphere is mostly hydrogen, so they are likely to appear either in blue or pink,” Giles said.

Juno cannot confirm that these events were caused by lightning strikes, because the probe’s lightning detector is on the other side of the spacecraft from the ultraviolet imaging device.

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NASA announced its Perseverance rover is halfway through its journey to Mars.

The vehicle launched atop a United Launch Alliances Atlas V rocket at 7:50am ET on July 30 and has just logged 146.3 million miles.

This is exactly the same difference the spacecraft has to travel before it reaches the Red Planet's atmosphere, which NASA says will hit like an 11,900 mph freight t rain of February 18, 2021.

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(CNN)Scientists have discovered a new lizard-like species that lurked in shallow water to pick off its prey -- with the help of a short, flat tail used as a float

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Oct 28, 2020.

8:07 PM EDT.

Oct 28, 2020.

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These Pro Plus changes might seem minor, but offering a better way to access the inside of the device is meaningful for any user, not just a professional one.

The larger question is whether professionals think it’s a worthwhile trade-off for losing those dial controls from the Pro

The 3Doodler Pro Plus is available now for the same price as the previous version, $249.99

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After launching two identically sized phones — the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro — last week, Apple will next start taking preorders for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max on November 6th.

You’ve got the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and 12 Pro — smaller than the iPhone 11 and ever-so-slightly bigger than the 11 Pro — joined by the 12 Pro Max for those who prefer giant phones and the 12 mini for people who prioritize one-handed comfort.

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The public health dashboard states 26 of the area’s cases caught the virus while traveling, 112 caught the virus from a close contact who had already tested positive, information is still pending for three cases and public health has found no epidemiological link for 41 local cases.

Mckelvie also spoke to the board about public health’s seasonal influenza strategy.

He told the board that the National Advisory Committee on Immunization estimates that about 12,200 Canadians are hospitalized and 3,500 die every year of influenza.

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We had a young group and decided early on that we were going to include Joey in just about everything we did away from the rink!

Andrew Cogliano, Tom Gilbert and myself were roommates and had an extra bedroom, so whenever we could we would invite Joey over for dinner, and then he would sleep over at our place.

We would go bowling, watch wrestling (more on that later), listen to his James Bond Soundtrack CD driving around Edmonton, and have so much fun.

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Oct 28, 2020.

8:07 PM EDT.

Oct 28, 2020.

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health officials on Wednesday reported 287 new cases of COVID-19 in the province and two new deaths.

The province has recorded 200 or more new cases of the disease caused by the coronavirus for eight straight days.

Of the new cases reported Wednesday, 189 were in the Fraser Health region and 69 were in Vancouver Coastal Health.

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Elaine Cromie/The Globe and Mail.

On Sunday morning in northwest Detroit, a four-block-long convoy of vehicles wound its way from Liberty Temple Baptist Church to an early voting station in a nearby community centre.

At this “Souls to the Polls” event, in a majority-Black area with one of the country’s highest rates of COVID-19 infection and death, many of the congregants knew people who had lost their lives.

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Home » Wrestling News » Report: Latest COVID-19 Outbreak At WWE Performance Center Linked To In-House Live Event (Updated).


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard.

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It comes after the actor recently revealed that The Matrix 4 would be a "love story" during an appearance on The One Show.

"We have a wonderful director, Lana Wachowski, and she has written a beautiful script that is a love story," Reeves explained.

Related: The Batman, The Matrix 4, The Flash and more release dates shifted following Dune delay.


Not very nice: Watch Sacha Baron Cohen be forced to flee possible attack during 'Borat 2' filming
1 day ago
Not very nice: Watch Sacha Baron Cohen be forced to flee possible attack during 'Borat 2' filming
24 secs


"Everyone was singing along and the problem was that some of the militia groups that were in this rally had been antagonizing the Black Lives Matter protests," he explained.

"And so, as revenge, some of the Black Lives Matter protestors were coming over to confront them...They see me on stage and everyone's singing along and one of them went 'Oh my God!

Netflix is making multiple 'Assassin's Creed' shows
2 days ago
Netflix is making multiple 'Assassin's Creed' shows
25 secs


Alongside the best-forgotten Assassin’s Creed movie, the publisher has approved two projects featuring Jake Gyllenhaal: the Prince of Persia film from 2010, and a live-action version of The Division, which has been in the works for years and should eventually be released on Netflix.

It’s also working on multiple Resident Evil shows — one live-action and another CG-animated — with Capcom at the moment.

Cool Runnings bobsled stolen from Ranchman's building
2 days ago
Cool Runnings bobsled stolen from Ranchman's building
39 secs


A bobsled shell from the movie Cool Runnings has been stolen from the former Ranchman's building.

Police said they received an online report on Monday afternoon that the sled had been stolen sometime between Oct.

21 and 25.


Google tests cool new feature for the Play Store
19 hours ago
Google tests cool new feature for the Play Store
4 secs


iPhone 12 pro with Unlimited plan from MintMobile

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The best phone to buy for 2020
23 hours ago
The best phone to buy for 2020
48 secs


Read our Apple iPhone SE (2020) review.

The Note 20 Ultra, along with its smaller counterpart the Note 20, is a pricey, ultrapremium Android phone with an expansive screen, an embedded S Pen stylus and 5G.

The Note 20 Ultra also has a triple-rear camera array, the high-powered Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and reverse wireless charging.

Cyberpunk 2077 developers ask for basic human decency after death threats over game delay
1 day ago
Cyberpunk 2077 developers ask for basic human decency after death threats over game delay
1 min, 13 secs


The creators of Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most anticipated video games of the last few years, are having a rough go of it in the lead-up to launch, complicated by yet another delay announced yesterday to help the CD Projekt Red developers finish polishing the game before it launches across nine platforms on December 10th.

Now, senior game designer Andrzej Zawadzki has taken to Twitter in the aftermath of the delay announcement to plead with fans to exercise some basic human decency by not continuing to send the Polish studio death threats.

“I want to address one thing in regards of the @CyberpunkGame delay.


Delta urging residents do their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19
1 day ago
Delta urging residents do their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19
1 min, 40 secs


“I am very concerned about the rapid increase in COVID-19 numbers we have seen recently and how continued spread of this virus could lead to closures like we have seen in other provinces that would impact all of us, particularly local businesses and the most vulnerable,” Delta Mayor George Harvie said in a press release.

“We all know what we need to do as a community to push the curve back down and protect each other through this second wave.

“The city has worked hard to utilize all the tools available to ensure the safety of the community.

Pfizer third-quarter sales fall on lower demand for pain drugs
2 days ago
Pfizer third-quarter sales fall on lower demand for pain drugs
38 secs


Chief Executive Albert Bourla said after it has enough data for the analysis, it typically takes 5 to 7 days before the company can publicly release the data, meaning it is likely to happen after the election.


President Donald Trump had said a vaccine could be available before the Nov.

Controversial flu vaccines | wellandtribune.ca
2 days ago
Controversial flu vaccines | wellandtribune.ca
45 secs


For those that believe getting the vaccine causes their illness, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) indicates this to be a myth

It takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect, so the individual was most likely infected before getting the vaccination

Vaccines contain the same germs that cause the disease, but they have been killed or weakened to the point they don’t make you sick


Vancouver actress who exposed NXIVM cult reacts to leader's prison sentence
22 hours ago
Vancouver actress who exposed NXIVM cult reacts to leader's prison sentence
1 min, 3 secs


Former NXIVM member Sarah Edmondson says she feels a sense of relief after the group's leader, Keith Ranier, was sentenced to 120 years in U.S



MLB investigating after Turner put others ‘at risk’ to celebrate title
1 day ago
MLB investigating after Turner put others ‘at risk’ to celebrate title
1 min, 43 secs


According to Passan, Turner’s test taken Tuesday morning then came back positive shortly after, at which time MLB notified the Dodgers that Turner needed to be lifted from the game

In the second inning tonight, the lab doing COVID tests informed MLB that Justin Turner’s test from yesterday came back inconclusive

The samples from today had just arrived and were run

Raptors rookie Terence Davis charged after alleged assault on girlfriend
1 day ago
Raptors rookie Terence Davis charged after alleged assault on girlfriend
17 secs


According to the NYPD, the victim in the investigation told police that she went to the Beekman Hotel at around 10:30 p.m.


"The two got into a verbal dispute and the subject hit the victim in the face, and then grabbed [and] broke the victim's phone," Det.


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