Ahmaud Arbery death trial live updates: Prosecutor's rebuttal begins - ABC News
Nov 23, 2021 1 min, 22 secs

The jury got the case after Linda Dunikoski, the Cobb County, Georgia, assistant district attorney appointed as a special prosecutor in the Glynn County case, took two hours to rebut the closing arguments made on Monday by attorneys for the three defendants.

Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski suggested to the jury that Travis and Greg McMichael became angry at Ahmaud Arbery after he ignored their calls to stop when they pulled up alongside him during the pursuit.

Dunikoski said neither Travis McMichael nor his father told police on the day of the shooting that they were trying to place Arbery under criminal arrest because they believed he had committed a burglary at a home under construction in their neighborhood.

"Does anybody believe that?" asked Dunikoski, suggesting that a dispatcher would have kept Greg McMichael on the line to get more information.

She said Travis McMichael's testimony was full of "maybes" and assumptions, including that Arbery may have committed a crime, that maybe he was caught.

"Do you believe for a minute he was talking softly to Ahmaud Arbery?" Dunikoski asked the jury.

She played a 911 call Travis McMichael made after Arbery was cornered, and breathlessly reported his emergency that "A Black male was running down the street." In the background of the call, Greg McMichael was heard yelling at Arbery, "Stop.

As prosecutor Linda Dunikoski continued her rebuttal argument, defense attorneys for Greg and Travis McMichael objected several times, accusing Dunikoski of misstating the law that pertains to citizen's arrest.

Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski went through the felony counts against the defendants, telling the jury that the evidence shows they are guilty of each charge, including malice murder

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