Android 13: Every New Feature Revealed at Google I/O - CNET
May 15, 2022 2 mins, 6 secs
Google's new operating system will debut to the public this fall with more Material You personalizations, increased tools for privacy and security, more RCS messaging support, a revamped Google Wallet and better integrations with Chromebooks, watches, TVs, cars and smart home devices.

For the first time ever, Google shared the number of Android phone activations, which in 2021 exceeded 1 billion devices.

Those statistics, combined with things like Samsung offering four years of major Android OS updates, put Google in a unique position.

Luckily, Android 13 is proof that Google is ready and eager to keep its crown jewel OS customizable and up to date while giving Android phone owners a more seamless experience across multiple devices.

Some of the features Google highlighted are improvements to existing features or support for features in more countries. .

End-to-end encryption for group conversations is coming to Google Messages later this year.

For example, if you have a transit card in Google Wallet, your card and balance will automatically show up in Google Maps when you search for directions.

In terms of controlling your privacy, Google Wallet stores everything securely on your phone and doesn't share data with Google services. .

As part of Android 12, Google rolled out Emergency SOS which lets you get help, contact a trusted person and share your emergency information without unlocking your phone.

Early Earthquake Warnings via Android are already in place in 25 countries, and this year Google will launch them in more high-risk regions around the world.

Android 13 continues where 12L left off and introduces better multitasking from the toolbar for split screen apps as well as support and optimizations for more than 20 Google apps including YouTube Music, Google Maps and Google Messages.

Later this year, Google will add a unified Security and Privacy settings page that puts all your phone's data privacy and security front and center.

Earlier this year Google revealed its vision for how Android will work better with your TV, cars, speakers and laptops.

Android 13 will support fast pairing for setting up new devices with your phone, automatic audio switching between devices for your headphones and copy-pasting between devices.

It'll also let you stream messages and other apps from your phone to your computer.

And while yearly major Android updates aren't going anywhere, Google's made it clear that features such as Google Wallet and RCS messaging are likely to be updated as needed across devices

This could be particularly beneficial for phones that might not receive Android 13, but will still get the improvements from updates to the Wallet and Messages apps

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