Covid-19: Queues at pop-up vaccine centres as jabs push goes on - BBC News
Jun 19, 2021 4 mins, 11 secs

But pastor Pugh says: "We believe the church is not the building, it's the people.

He says it "just felt right" to focus on key workers and "realised it was kind of the perfect time for me to start creating work that meant something more to me, and focus on the everyday heroes".

Caerphilly Youth Forum has put together a time capsule to document how young people were living through the pandemic in 2020.

Pembrokeshire has Wales' fifth highest rate of Covid cases for those aged under 25 - at 55.2 cases for every 100,000 of the population, according to Public Health Wales figures for this week.

Greenhill School's year 10 age group is already isolating at home due to a number of positive Covid cases.

A woman in hospital for more than 10 weeks and unable to have visitors because of Covid rules says the loneliness is "soul-destroying".

The US will ship 2.5 million Covid vaccine doses to Taiwan on Saturday - more than three times the previous number of shots allocated for the island by Washington, Reuters reports.

The US administration had initially promised to donate 750,000 doses to Taiwan, but the huge increase follows President Joe Biden's pledge to send 80 million US-made shots around the world.

Few people in Taiwan have yet received the vaccine, with the island struggling to access supplies - and unwilling to accept help from neighbouring China because the two sides are political foes.

The 2.5 million donated doses of the Moderna vaccine were flown out of Memphis early on Saturday.

Covid infections remain comparatively low in Taiwan despite a spike in domestic cases.

It was the second day in a row more first doses were administered than second, perhaps reflecting the push of the past few days to get younger adults vaccinated.

As we've been reporting, there's a real push on Covid vaccines this weekend as walk-in centres open across England in a race to get people immunised before the peak of a third wave.

The region has the highest case rates in the country but extra doses of vaccine and enhanced testing is hoping to slow the spread.

One of the ongoing narratives we heard over the course of the pandemic was how remote working was leading people to give up city life in favour of bigger, cheaper and more rural living.

Something we heard less about, though, was the impact on people living in those regions where property increased in popularity over lockdown.

"I’m just burying my head in the sand and praying the market might crash,” says Lowri, a 29-year-old classroom assistant and freelance writer living in the Welsh county of Gwynedd.

Lowri says the influx of people coming to Wales over the pandemic was “overwhelming”.

Anya Martin, from Priced Out - an organisation campaigning for cheaper housing - believes the shift in outlook is "bad news for renters and young people".

A vaccine epidemiologist says the UK is "well in the beginning of the third wave" of coronavirus.

Professor Mark Jit says the link between getting covid and being hospitalised or dying "has been weakened but it's not been broken completely".

He says: "If people have two doses they might have a 90% or 95% lower chance of getting hospitalised or dying but that still leaves that 5-10% of people and when you multiply that by lots of people getting infected that's still a fair number of deaths, although a lot less than we would have seen without vaccination.".

He says most people in hospital with coronavirus are unvaccinated "so there is a bit of a race to get the vaccination out as soon as possible before the third wave gets really big.".

He says: "We will have a third wave unless we go back into lockdown because the virus is spreading faster than we can control it.

Rhiannon says: "I'm the younger generation, and there hasn't been as much following the rules.".

He says everyone he knows are "quite eager for their jabs".

People living in areas experiencing a "sharp" rise in coronavirus cases in Leeds are being offered asymptomatic testing to stop the virus spreading

Hyde Park, Headingley, Little London and Woodhouse have seen an increase in cases, particularly among younger people, Leeds City Council said

"We need people living in Headingley and Hyde Park and Little London and Woodhouse to work with us, get a test and help us identify where these Covid cases are so together we can stop the spread and ensure Leeds can carry on enjoying a safe summer," said councillor Salma Arif

"Infections are spiking in Cumbria and while they are still lower than our neighbouring counties, without action we can expect many more people to become ill," he says

Infections have risen from 35 cases per week at the end of May to 250 per week now, Cumbria County Council says

The party also says people should have the right to flexible practices, such as working from home

But the drug-maker faces hefty fines if it fails to supply doses of Covid-19 vaccine over the summer

The vaccine rollout is now available for younger adults

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