Exclusive — McCarthy: ‘Every Means Possible’ on Table for GOP to Roll Biden with Leverage
Sep 26, 2022 1 min, 39 secs

“We’re going to use every means possible to have the pressure to implement the Commitment to America and at the same time put America back on the right track,” McCarthy said.

Specifically, McCarthy said, House Republicans are prepared to use the power of the purse — the Appropriations process by which Congress disburses money for the government to spend — to implement the agenda.

McCarthy said House Republicans are preparing for all scenarios, hoping they have the Senate as well, but ready to rock and roll if they just get the House.

“If we lose the House and we lose the Senate, it’s going to be a really difficult two years,” Biden told donors this month according to the Associated Press.

Asked about the big “bipartisan” bills that have been passing Congress with universal Democrat support, but also big groups of Republican support in the Senate, McCarthy predicted that that would end if and when Republicans retake the House?

“You also need to think about — is the Senate going to generate or is the House.

McCarthy noted that the reason those types of bills are passing this Congress is because Democrats know they need to work around the filibuster so they generate bills mostly from the Senate to get them past the filibuster and get at least ten Republicans on board — then have the House pass them.

“If they send that from the Senate to the House it’s not going anywhere.

McCarthy said that if Republicans take the Senate as well, the fight shifts immediately purely onto Biden and his agenda.

Having both chambers, McCarthy said, will allow the Republicans more leverage, including on things Senate confirmation fights.

“If we end up with just the House, this is where the battle is going to be,” McCarthy said.

If we win the House and the Senate, and he resigns, his replacement will need to get confirmed and that gives us a lot of ability to help get in the Commitment to America.”

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