Florida gov signs GOP voting law critics call 'un-American'
May 06, 2021 1 min, 12 secs
Ron DeSantis signed a major rewrite of Florida’s elections law on Thursday, tightening rules around drop boxes and mail-in voting in the presidential battleground.

It mandates that drop boxes must be guarded, and available only when elections offices and early voting sites are open.

When I was Governor, everyone was invited in — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

In addition to similar drop box rules, the Florida law also extends a no-influence zone to 150 feet (50 meters) from 100 feet around polling places, which could prevent people from supplying food and water to people waiting in line.

The Florida law also requires that a voter changing registration data provide an identifying number, possibly a driver’s license number or a partial Social Security Number, which advocates say could add a layer of inconvenience and keep people from being able to vote.

Other more severe provisions put forward by some Republicans — such as banning drop boxes outright and preventing the use of the U.S.

Over the years, Democrats and other voter rights groups have sought to simplify the ritual of voting, including automatic voter registration when applying for a driver’s license.

Concerned that the pandemic would keep people from voting, Democrats urged people to vote early and through the mail last year, even as Trump questioned mail-in balloting

The result: a record 4.9 million Floridians voted by mail in 2020, and Democrats outvoted Republicans by mail for the first time in years, marking a 680,000-ballot advantage

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