SWEET TOOTH Creatives Reveal Their Research Process Took Place At Robert Downey Jr's Petting Zoo (Exclusive) - CBM (Comic Book Movie)
Jun 12, 2021 1 min, 49 secs
Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes) may have been the face of the MCU since its inception, but his most recently produced project is actually a DC Comics adaptation. Sweet Tooth, which launched on Netflix last week, is based on the comic book of the same name, written by Jeff Lemire in 2009.

The world of Sweet Tooth is inhabited with human/animal hybrids, which meant that a lot of research went into the animals featured in the series and the hybrids' senses.

We learned about it and how particular they were at explaining the differences between certain animals when we spoke with the team behind Sweet Tooth, including writer Beth Schwartz, comic scribe Jeff Lemire, and director Jim Mickle.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Christian and Nonso (hose interviews can be found here and here), but this chat focuses on what writer Beth Schwartz says.

In addition to digging into how the pandemic affected the production more than the story and the adaptation process, she brought up doing animal research at Team Downey's zoo, and director Jim Mickle excitedly jumped in to provide more details.

Literary Joe: When you were researching the comic story beats, was there anything that you had trouble translating to the script for Netflix because it was a different medium?

We moved around some things to make it feel more organic to our story, but the comic book heavily inspires us.

So I was curious about your research process into animals and how deep you delved into those when writing this.

To hear our full interviews with Sweet Tooth actors Nonso Anozie and Christian Convery and director Jim Mickle, writer Beth Schwartz, and comic book creator Jeff Lemire, click the podcast players below.

We chat with Jim Mickle, who directed the upcoming series, Beth Schwartz, who wrote the Netflix show, and the creator and writer of the DC Comic series Sweet Tooth which the series of the same name is based upon.

We speak with the main actor, 11-year old Christian Convery, about his starring role as the titular character in Sweet Tooth and the research he did on deer to immerse himself in the scenes

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