'View' Co-Hosts Test Positive For COVID Moments Before Harris Interview - NPR
Sep 24, 2021 1 min, 1 sec
The two were pulled live from the TV show on Friday, just before Vice President Harris was scheduled to join them onstage for an interview.

The two were pulled live from the TV show on Friday, just before Vice President Harris was scheduled to join them onstage for an interview.

Two hosts of the popular ABC daytime talk show The View tested positive for the coronavirus moments before Vice President Harris was set to appear onstage in what the network had touted as her first in-studio talk show interview since taking office.

The two remaining co-hosts, Joy Behar and Sara Haines, ultimately interviewed Harris virtually while the vice president was stationed elsewhere in the studio.

Recent images of Border Patrol agents on horseback violently interacting with Haitian refugees have sent shock waves through the Democratic Party and have raised the question of how the Biden White House will differentiate itself from the Trump administration's intentionally harsh immigration practices.

Earlier in the day, President Biden rebuked the actions of the Border Patrol agents and said that he, as president, was responsible for the humanitarian crisis.

I'm president," Biden said, calling the images from the border of agents on horseback using reins to corral Haitian migrants "outrageous.".

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